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ESTEC2023 promises to bring CAMCA's educators and researchers together

By Outreach Team

Apr 7, 2023

The CAMCA Education, Science & Technology Conference (ESTEC2023) will be held both in-person (Almaty) and online on June 13, 2023. The conference theme is "Transformative Education and Sustainable Development in the Central Asia, Mongolia, the Caucasus, and Afghanistan (CAMCA) Region."

The conference aims to bring together educators, scientists, researchers, and practitioners to explore how transformative education can contribute to sustainable development in the CAMCA region. With the challenges faced by the region, it is essential to have a holistic approach to education and development, which takes into account the region's cultural, social, and economic diversity.

This conference is an opportunity to share knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas that can help to create a more inclusive and sustainable educational practice across ten countries of the region. The conference will provide a platform for participants to discuss and share the best practices, challenges, and opportunities related to transformative education and sustainable development in the CAMCA region.

The conference will feature keynote speeches and presentations that cover topics such as:

  • Innovative approaches to teaching and learning

  • STEM education for sustainable development

  • Education and development in rural areas

  • Role of technology in education and development

  • Inclusive education and social cohesion

  • Policy and governance for transformative education and sustainable development

Keynote address

By Professor, Dr. Frederick Starr - Chairman, The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute

Keynote lecture 

"The Teacher Skills for the 21-Century: Constructivism and Creativity in Teaching and Learning" ​by Professor, Dr. Alisher Faizullaev - scholar, author, and trainer.


We believe that the conference theme is highly relevant to the CAMCA region. The region is diverse in terms of geography, culture, and socioeconomic conditions, which requires a holistic approach to education and development. With the ongoing challenges, there is a pressing need to create more inclusive and sustainable societies.  Transformative education can play a critical role in addressing these challenges and building resilient communities.

We invite you to submit abstracts and join us at ESTEC2023 to explore and contribute to the future of transformative education and sustainable development in the CAMCA region.

Submit your abstract (authors) or register (participants and authors) at

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