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The CAMCA Academy:
Pioneering Education for a Better Tomorrow

The Central Asia, Mongolia, Caucasus, and Afghanistan (CAMCA) region is a diverse and complex region that encompasses a wide range of cultures, languages, and socio-economic conditions. The CAMCA Academy's core activities focus on educational innovation in the region because we believe it can help address the unique challenges faced by the region and unlock its potential for development.


Improve access to education 

Many people in the CAMCA region still face significant barriers to accessing education, such as poverty, geographic isolation, and cultural norms. We work to overcome these barriers by exploring new ways of delivering education to all.

Enhance the quality of education

In many countries in the region, the quality of education remains low, with outdated teaching methods, inadequate resources, and limited teacher training. We work with partners to improve the quality of education by promoting student-centered approaches and providing teachers with professional development opportunities.

Foster educational entrepreneurship

The CAMCA region has enormous potential for innovation and entrepreneurship, but these opportunities are often limited by a lack of skills and resources. Educational innovation can help to foster innovation and entrepreneurship by providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to create and develop new ideas, products, and businesses.

Promote cross-cultural understanding

The CAMCA region is characterized by its diversity, with many different languages, cultures, and religions. Educational innovation can help to promote cross-cultural understanding by providing opportunities for students to learn about and interact with people from different backgrounds, both within their own country and across the region.

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