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Pioneering Educational Research
in CAMCA region

The CAMCA Academy is at the forefront of educational research in Central Asia, Mongolia, the Caucasus, and Afghanistan (CA-M-C-A) region. With a focus on innovative topics and cross-regional cooperation, the Academy is committed to advancing educational development and promoting inclusive, sustainability-focused, and learner-centered education.

Technology Class

Fieldwork & Projects

The CAMCA Academy focuses on research projects related to education, including inclusion and diversity, STEM education, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), learner-centered education, and other related topics.

Cross-Regional Research Cooperation

We collaborate with partners within the CAMCA Academic Consortium to promote cross-regional educational research and wider science promotion. This includes joint projects, exchange programs for graduate students and scholars, and collaborative conferences (such as CAMCA-ESTEC).

Lab Experiments

Grants & Scholarships

We support joint grant and scholarship applications among its partner institutions and universities. Our activities include identifying funding opportunities, coordinating proposal development, and disseminating information about grant and scholarship programs to potential applicants.

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