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The British University in Georgia

The British University in Georgia, established in 2020 by English Book Education, offers students high-quality education validated by the University of Buckingham, UK. Drawing on a wealth of established knowledge and experience, the university provides a range of courses for students in Georgia and beyond.

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About British University in Georgia

The British University in Georgia, established in 2020 is a student-centered institution that strives to provide personalized education and mentorship support for professional and personal growth. The founder (the English Book Education) has over 15 years of experience working in education, both within Georgia and internationally, and the university adapts the British academic model to the academic environment of Georgia to raise future leaders and transform society.

At British University in Georgia, small class sizes and interactive learning enhance the interaction between students and instructors for effective teaching. The University's approach is modeled after the TEF gold-winning University of Buckingham, emphasizing the importance of personalized learning for a dynamic and engaging experience.

Courses and degrees are validated by the University of Buckingham in the UK, providing students with a high-quality British education that is recognized globally. Students also receive mentorship support from experienced professionals who provide guidance on career development and personal growth.

The University is dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students, valuing diversity and inclusivity to create a vibrant and dynamic learning community. British University in Georgia is committed to helping students reach their full potential, providing individual attention and support to ensure success.


Explore study, research or career opportunities at the British University of Georgia, Tbilisi. 

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