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Teaching 21 Century Skills in CAMCA classrooms

This in-person workshop will be organized for CAMCA region's school principals on new innovative approaches to engage and empower their students. They will explore new teaching methodologies, tools, and technologies to cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and communication.

Teaching 21 Century Skills in CAMCA classrooms
Teaching 21 Century Skills in CAMCA classrooms

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Almaty, Almaty, Kazakhstan

About the event

This workshop is designed to help educators in the CAMCA region develop their teaching skills and explore new methods for teaching 21st-century skills. The 21st-century skills refer to a set of competencies that are essential for success in the digital age, including critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, digital literacy, and cultural awareness.

In this workshop, participants will learn about the latest teaching strategies and tools to cultivate these skills among their students. They will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices with other educators from the region. The workshop will feature interactive sessions, group activities, and discussions, providing participants with practical knowledge and skills that they can apply in their classrooms.

The workshop will cover a range of topics, including but not limited to, project-based learning, inquiry-based teaching, blended learning, gamification, design thinking, and digital citizenship. The workshop will also address the challenges and opportunities of teaching 21st-century skills in the CAMCA context, taking into account the unique cultural, social, and economic factors that affect the region.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for educators in the CAMCA region to enhance their teaching skills and prepare their students for success in the 21st century. Whether you are a teacher, school principal or curriculum developer, this workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to take your teaching to the next level.

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